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Two Wings empowers survivors of sex trafficking to identify and pursue their dream vocation through mentoring programs, life skills classes and career training workshops, creating the path for a life of financial and physical independence.


The word “grateful” doesn’t adequately describe how joyful and humbled we are at all of the generosity and support we received during our Indiegogo campaign.  We want to thank the following individuals for believing in our mission to support survivors of slavery worldwide through the sale of a tote bag, and for donating their time and money. We couldn’t have launched our business without you. Together, by holding on to hope, we can do our part to make an impact and end slavery!


Abigail Noble

Adriana Dermenjian

Allyson Unzicker

Amanda L Maxwell

Amanda Lynn Otto

Amanda R. Beaudoin

Amber Flury

Amber Kish

Amy Deuink

Ana L Garcia

Angela Emrich

Anita B. Burgoyne

Anita K Everly

Ashley Edgar

Ashley O'Brien

Avrielle Jensen

Bailey N Schumm

Brianna Marie Garcia

Caitlyn D Drozda

Carola Camillo

Carolyn Ragno

Chase m Tarca

Christy Neal

Clara Scott

David Schaerdel

Deborah Gable

Della Turner

Diane M Lehmann

Donna Potts

Doris Diann Obrien

Elena Bondar

Eli Cox


Gabrielle M Salib

Hannah Kiener

Heather E Malone

James B Grant

Jennie Moran

Jessica Greenbaum

Jessica Madia

Jessica Murella

Joan B Harper

John D. Trotter

Joshua Williams

Julie M Reed

Karen Kubacki

Kathy J Shane

Kelly Bohart

Kelly J Duffy

Kevin G. Drendel

Keziah Liburd

Laurie Brucker

Lea Taylor

Linda Melody

Lisa M. Rosier

Lynn G Holt

Mackenzie Locey

Maggie Tsang

Mariah Van Kleef

Mark Kracht

Mats WÃ¥llberg

Meghan Carry

Mehgan Griffin

Michael J Glines

Michael R Burrows

Michaelis Ntsangata Moshe

Michelle Baker

Mollie Book

Nancy Genck

Nancy Jean Gyes

Naomi Glenn

Naomi Hyman

Patricia j Sinclair

Paula Dreifuerst

Peter C Tvrznik

Rebecca J Melody

Robert Ferguson

Ronald Fergason

Ryan Brown

S L Erickson

Sandra Castaneda

Sarah Carter

Sarah k Guthrie

Sarah Steiner

Shannon A Brown

Shannon Leasau

Shannon Nelson

Sharon Michie

Stephanie Flora

Stephanie Lauber

Stephanie Ragno

Steven M Baltin

Sue C Thornton

Sue J Nahm

Susan Smith-Beeftink

Susan Urricariet

Thomas Morgan

Timothy J Weber

Vanessa Ayersman

Yolanda Verceles


Special Thanks to:


Beatrice d Elliott

Larry and Anne Grant


Amber Morris

Brice Leroy

Cassandra Barnes

Charmane Fergason

Katherine Barnes

Kathy M Wismer

Lajla Duffy

Michael Caroleo