The Tote Project is based on a friendship, on a shared dream. It is a shared passion for empowerment, for restoration, for freedom. Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez founded The Tote Project because they believe that there is hope for the millions of victims of modern day slavery worldwide, and they want to do their part to support recovering survivors pursuing their dreams.



Our blue rose symbolizes attaining the impossible, and we couldn't think of a better way to represent our hope - no matter what the odds. We believe that if we #HoldOnToHope, we can empower survivors of human trafficking worldwide, provide them with opportunities to thrive, and help them to recognize their worth and potential.

Fay chose to become an activist in the fight against human trafficking when she realized her true calling was to use the knowledge she’d gained from dealing with traumatic circumstances to bring about positive change. “I knew that the trials I went through had a purpose, despite how hard it was to see through the darkness sometimes. They gave me the strength and heart I needed to bring more light into the world.” For her, The Tote Project is a way to spread hope, and show people that difficult experiences don’t have to feed into fear, shame and regret, but can instead be turned into compassionate, loving action for the greater good.


Michelle joined the neoabolitionist movement after a screening of the documentary Call + Response.  “Watching children in undercover footage of brothels broke my heart. Being confronted with this absolute injustice caused me to feel a heaviness and anger unlike anything I had experienced, but I’m grateful that the film didn’t leave me with only a sense of despair.”  On her way out she was handed a list of ways that individuals can come together to end slavery, and all of them were attainable with few resources.  Realizing that she could make a difference gave her hope, and caused her to take action and start volunteering.  She views The Tote Project as a way for her and her best friend to pool their resources and fill others with that same hope, while investing in the lives and futures of survivors.